Rural Tourism: An Open Door for Economic Growth

I cannot help but notice distress and misery around me, in these times of political instability and economic uncertainty in Greece. I see it on the faces of people on the metro in the morning, on signs of stores “for sale” and on the homeless on the streets.

Unemployment rates have rapidly increased in the last few years, with many of my close friends and relatives having lost their jobs due to the crisis.

Still, reflecting over the current economic situation, I also cannot help but consider the country’s gifted cultural, historical and geographic soil going to waste in such difficult times.

I, like many other foreigners, still have hope. A combination of innovation, strategy and hard work, can help revive this country drowning in an economic crisis.

Greece is “a nation which has learnt to think outside the box”, says Van De Winkel. He describes the Greek rebellious yet revolutionary nature, through a spot on example.

“In Western European countries, when the light turns orange, drivers brake. The opposite happens here, they accelerate. You sense a certain kind of intolerance toward rules”, Van De WInkel.

But how could this rebellious, innovative nature be used constructively, in order to rebuild the economy?

According to De Winkel, if leaders use this resistance to conventional norms strategically, it can unleash innovation and creativity, which will lead a deteriorating country to tremendous prosperity.

So, how can this be done?

By promoting the one industry, which this country will always have an inherent advantage in…


Otzias Cove Photo:
Sunset View from Gialiskari Beach
Kea, Greece
Monastery of Kastriani
Sunset View from Koukouvagia




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