Explore the Unmapped: Top Secluded Beaches

The island of Kea has over 40 different beaches, yet there are a couple, which truly stand out. Here you’ll find some insight on two of my favorite beaches of the island, as I hope to inspire alternative tourism and rural adventures.

Path to Vroskopos Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ichatziioanou


After over 20 years on the island, I reached this beach by foot for the first time this past summer.

It was a windy Saturday in August, so we couldn’t take the boat out. A Saturday, however, meant that most beaches accessible by car would be crowded. So we decided to embark on an adventure, by car and foot. We drove to the south side of the island to a family beach called Poisses (about 30 minutes from the port).

On the far right side of the beach began a rugged dirt path with a steep, steady incline. We started off the path in an enthusiastic and light-hearted mood, despite the scorching summer sun and difficult terrain. A man on the beach had told us it was a short 15-minute scenic walk to Vroskopos.

How bad could it be?

After 45 minutes on a narrow winding path, drenched in sweat and with our throats parched, we finally arrived at our destination.

Which, in turn, was truly rewarding. The crystal blue waters sparkled in the afternoon sun, while the green shrubbery resembled an oasis in the middle of the dry, mountainous terrain.

Vroskopos Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ichatziioanou/

To anyone planning on visiting this secluded beauty, I recommend 3 tips of advice to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  1. Bring supplies. Water is a must, and a snack is definitely recommended.
  2. Wear tennis or hiking shoes. Even if it’s a hot day, wear shoes you can walk in for a couple miles. Also remember the terrain is rugged and rocky, and watch out for thorns on the path.
  3. Start off with the right mentality. Go early in the morning to avoid the hot hours of the day, and make sure you’re in the mood for a rigorous hike (not a short walk).


Located on the northwest side of the island, this hidden treasure is more accessible, and can be reached both by car and boat.

(Warning: The road is steep, rough and rugged to be attempted only by 4×4 jeeps and an experienced Greek driver)

By boat, however, this beach is only 20 minutes away from the port. Its name, “τηλέγραφος” literally means telegraph, as, historically, this was a communication point for locals on the island.

(Note: You can still find a telephone post on the beach) 

Tilegrafos Beach

It’s one of my favorite beaches to bring friends, as the water is a majestic shimmering green color. It’s a beautiful scene you can enjoy privately, as it is not widely known – which is another plus.

Don’t forget to bring supplies to this beach, as well, because there are no signs of civilization nearby!

Day Trip to  Mavrampleli Beach
Exploring by Boat Kastellakia Beach Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ichatziioanou

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