Do-it-yourself: Making wine & acorn cookies

Rural tourism is often driven by the desire to experience an authentic, primitive way of life.  It’s a form of tourism which is becoming more and more popular in the 21st century, especially by those living in concentrated urban communities. Amidst the era of globalization, appreciation is  growing for rural, remote areas where modern tourists escape the imposing forces of technology.

Along with this shift in the tourism industry, I’ve noticed an emerging, revolutionary”do-it-yourself” culture.

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Reviving Local Products and Delicacies: The Rural Experience

Seeing people take entrepreneurial risks amidst the crisis is admirable, inspirational and worth sharing. I have chosen two exemplary cases of ambitious and resourceful individuals who seek to revive local products and rural traditions on the island of Kea.

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Snorkeling Adventures in Kea: Top 3 Snorkel Spots

Life under the sea has always been a passion. As a child eager to explore the world below, I would throw on my mask and flippers and jump in the water.

Things have not changed much since then.

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Explore the Unmapped: Top Secluded Beaches

The island of Kea has over 40 different beaches, yet there are a couple, which truly stand out. Here you’ll find some insight on two of my favorite beaches of the island, as I hope to inspire alternative tourism and rural adventures.

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Koukouvagia: A Hidden Stone Fortress

Amidst the island’s mountainous terrain, lay three stone cottages tightly nestled in the crest of Koukouvagia. The small set of structures resemble a prehistoric settlement, preserved in time and untouched by modernity, as they lie camouflaged in the mountain.

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Kea: Rural Beauty near Athens

Since as long as I can remember, locals have ardently resisted any industrial development on the island of Kea. Up to this day, the island consists of a small port with few hotels and tourist shops.

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Rural Tourism: An Open Door for Economic Growth

I cannot help but notice distress and misery around me, in these times of political instability and economic uncertainty in Greece. I see it on the faces of people on the metro in the morning, on signs of stores “for sale” and on the homeless on the streets.

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