Reviving Local Products and Delicacies: The Rural Experience

Seeing people take entrepreneurial risks amidst the crisis is admirable, inspirational and worth sharing. I have chosen two exemplary cases of ambitious and resourceful individuals who seek to revive local products and rural traditions on the island of Kea.

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Koukouvagia: A Hidden Stone Fortress

Amidst the island’s mountainous terrain, lay three stone cottages tightly nestled in the crest of Koukouvagia. The small set of structures resemble a prehistoric settlement, preserved in time and untouched by modernity, as they lie camouflaged in the mountain.

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Kea: Rural Beauty near Athens

Since as long as I can remember, locals have ardently resisted any industrial development on the island of Kea. Up to this day, the island consists of a small port with few hotels and tourist shops.

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Rural Tourism: An Open Door for Economic Growth

I cannot help but notice distress and misery around me, in these times of political instability and economic uncertainty in Greece. I see it on the faces of people on the metro in the morning, on signs of stores “for sale” and on the homeless on the streets.

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